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Thread: fox calls

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    fox calls

    Page 76 in the bush wear catalouge Nordic Mini Predator Call and Fox Attractant.
    I would be interested to hear users comments of both these items.

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    I have not had any real success with any electronic calls, particularly those from the states, ( must be a different accent! ), calls that you blow through are good, the simpler ones are the best, You can make your own using a bit of poly sacking from say a fertiliser bag stretched between two flat sticks, ( a bit like stretching a blade of rough grass between your palms) to blow through, & the best one of all if your vehicle mounted, is a scrap of polystyrene rubbed or dragged across a window or screen, irresistable!

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    Sorry finn but good electronic calls work brilliantly, sometimes. I have the bush wear call, (dont remember it being nordic) and it works well if th fox is happy to be called. I prefer calling by hand but you need variety to succeed!!

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    SDG I am always open to new stuff/ideas, give us a few makes /models, & I'll try any you have found to be good ( If not already had em) Steve.

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    All comments with knollage of the products gladly recieved

    The question I was asking was about was about two items in the bush wear catalouge page 76, Nordik Mini Predator Call (blown by yourself) and fox attractant.
    If you have used these items I would appreciate any comments.
    If you have not used them, Then you are unable to comment possibly because you dont know what you are talking about.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    You have my sincerest apologies sir. Just another vote for the polystyrene.

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    Sorry to be harsh

    Sir You are a Gentlman.

    I used to join a another country sports forum, all of a sudden a guy joined, and commented on every post, hundreds of them, I found him a pain.
    Low and behold i found this website, and the Bugger joined this one, he had to comment on every thing, made lots of noise (i found him annoying) but kept my own council, then all of a sudden, he was selling his gear and giving up.
    He must have annoyed me more than I thought , SORRY if I was so harsh.

    Regards Ian

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    No worries, I'm the crim for hi-jacking your thread! Steve.

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    Sorry truffle thought you were refering to the electronic one. I bought a blow it yourself one from them and I sound like the sooty and sweep show

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    DUg out old catalogue and its not the same call. I did buy the fox attractant when it was on offer but have never had any success with it. It seems to smell pretty foxy but I couldnt finid an application to use it really

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