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Thread: Anyone been up north for the geese yet?

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    Anyone been up north for the geese yet?

    Hi guys,has anyone been up north for the geese this year,we are heading to montrose area in two week,anybody know what the numbers are like up there?

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    A lot of geese coming off further North (Strathbeg).

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    You'll not be short of geese around Montrose area at the mo.

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    Thanks lads,Alan I've heard they are moving much further south past montrose are any of you guys from around the montrose area,or have yee been out for a shot up there?

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    Saw some big flocks up the M6 by Morcombe bay. Literally 1000's of em.

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    Lots of geese - feeding all over - mainly on grass
    Enjoy !

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    Thousands on the river Tay just now and up at Montrose as well

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    geese still here

    typical fly ower the basin in the ionosphere get into the front half / sanctuary ares then drop vertical down.... no daft now this time of year

    dosnt give you much chances but fair spectacle with thousands going overhead

    best chance down there are really stormy sh!tty night keeps em low as they come back onto the basin


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    thousands on my shoot pain in the but keeps the foxes intrested mind you

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    Sounds good guys fingers crossed we will bag a few.Are any of you guys from the montrose area? What's the weather like for next week is there much snow

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