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Thread: Duck pond

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    Duck pond

    Hi I have a new duck pond and was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas how to attract ducks to a new pond I have put some wheat in it but was thinking of putting decoys in or is there any better ideas to get them coming in thanks Barry

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    Dont worry they will soon find it and if there is some food they will be back, nothing more greedy than a mallard.

    Could try some call ducks not sure how you would get hold of them

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    Feed and they will come, try some frost damaged spuds. Don't over feed though as this can cause untold problems. I'm sure theres a best practice guide for ponds on the BASC website.

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    Get the habitat right for the ducks species you want. I have spent 4 days on working round two of my ponds this summer. I have spent time improving the cover in some areas and thinning it out in others to direct the flightlines into the pond whilst increasing the cover round the shallow margins. I have been out 3 times and had good numbers coming in. I dont feed any of the ponds as they are all managed for conservation reasons so feeding wheat into them would be a no no. Last week 3 of us went out and shot a brace each in about 45minutes. Also dont overshoot the ponds I wont shoot mine any more than once a fortnight.

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    Any ideas where I can get call birds

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrym3 View Post
    Any ideas where I can get call birds
    They used to leave these cards with photos in phone boxes around where I grew up, I don't know if that happens any more though.

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    Lol not that kind ov bird lol

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    If you know anyone with poultry ask them as they often know of people with call ducks and quite often birds that aren't of show quality will get there necks wrong so you'd probs get them for free , if you don't know any1 with poultry have a look at any of the local shows etc you'll find some1 there for sure with some hope this helps

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    Wheat sinks and always goes sour in the water barley floats. Your local pheasant breeder may also have ducks and if not they will know others that do. You can put ducks down the same but they are not as good as shooting wild ones but the ones you put down will call in wild ones.

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    Im in the process of of doing a similer thing, I have start throwing some corn around the waters edge to help encourage ducks, I was also told to add a floating island but have tried this yet.
    call ducks are a good idear to.
    good luck

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