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Thread: selecting hinds!!

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    selecting hinds!!

    yet another question,this will be 3 in 2 days,the regulars on the forum will be p*****d off with me in no time,anyway how do you go about selecting hinds for the chop,i.e old ones,going back in conditon etc etc,most look the same through bino's at a distance to the untrained eye,any words of wisdom?i've tried whistling them to come closer so i could ask them to open there gobs till i had a look at there teeth to see how old they were but have'nt had much luck with that one,i also asked a gameekeeper and according to himself anything with a round arse and a round face leave well alone "any thoughts on this chaps advice"?look foward to hearing your responses!!

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    Leave well alone anything with a round face and a round arse??

    Was this his advice for hinds or girls??

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    Guess this means I can dump the body armour then!

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    I think it must be obvious to the readers here that you are one lucky Begger that has landed a red cull without the required knowledge. I am not knocking you. Want to give me the lottery numbers for next week. It is difficult to give pearls of wisdom over a cyber link. Deer hinds evolve with age. Throught the bins look at the head. The forehead gives the appearance it is narrowing and the snout getting longer as the hind ages, If you know your dogs a calf has a springer shapedwide forehead and a relitively shorter snout. Asit ages it becomes more cocker shaped where the forehead and snout are more tapered. That is rule of thumb. I have never shot the better fed lowland reds so it may vary area to area. I am sure some will give a more definite idea of how to tell.
    Oh and before someone jumps in I know deer do not have floppy ears.

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    Ears tend to droop a bit after the bang!

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    with sika the first animal is selected ,grey face, thin, or the lesser ainimal in the group.kill its calf if she has one then .

    then its the next one that stops.

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    Facial features are a start. Coat condition can be a good indicator - if it is winter and the hind still has a wiry red or yellow coat then she probably isnt in great nick. Yield hinds in good condition tend to have the appearance of having a shorter, thicker neck, milkers/poormilkers a longer, thinner one. If a hind is getting older and calving most years her stomach muscles will slacken and she will have the appearance of having a big,full, swinging belly. Obviously anything with a narrow, bony back, too. Calves that have a ''woolly'' or fluffy appearance to their coat instead of a sleeker, darker look are probably going to do well to survive the winter aswell. These indicators are probably easier to spot in hill deer, the same applies to woodland/lowland deer but the signs are less exaggerated due to better feeding/habitat in my experience.

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    I have shot a number of hinds over the years, but am a long way from being an expert.

    Your stalker who said leave anything looking round and fat is not far wrong - but those will be the best eating. I have had the following advice from a number of stalkers.

    What you want to leave is a good breeding stock capable of producing big healthy calves with a good age range spread.

    Old beasts tend to look greyer, and old and stiff in their movements - head tends to hang low. An old beast without a calf is also a definate cull animal. Likewise any beast that appears to be limping etc.

    Then a useful indicator is the condition of the calf - a beast with a poor calf is again a definate cull - she has n't been able to produce the milk to get it to a decent stage.

    But you also want to take a few younger beasts as well - here look for the wee fat ones without a calf - shoot them carefully as they will be the best venison for your freezer!

    But then I have also stalked on estates where the focus has just been on getting the numbers rather than being overly selective.

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    And don't take the lead hind as that can cause problems for the herd.

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