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Thread: gralloching question?

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    gralloching question?

    Concerning finding the esophagus to tie off it is easier to pull and cut off both the windpipe and esophagus and then peel the esophagus away to tie off? Generally the model gralloch has one picking this out insitu. I know it is a detailed question, but your preferred method is of curiosity please.

    And following on from that getting the esophagus out from down below without snapping it off. I guess the only way is to break the diaphragm and reach up high in the chest cavity and gently pull. but what if you are trying to keep the diaphragm insitu to extract a carcass through hellish conditions?

    Advice and thoughts.

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    Peeferred method is suspended gralloch from tree.
    fiest free and tie off bum end on the ground, then suspend carcass. Open carcass with knife or guthook and use saw to open chest. Free neck bits but don't cut off or tie. Then you can remove all from back to front with the aid of gravity and when all out and free as far as head you cut off head at atlas with all the gralloch still attached.

    plasterers bath to slide the carcass out!

    But then i guess none of my extractions are very hellish so sont need to keep diaphragm in tact.
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    You say about hellish extraction. What sort of deer are we talking about?
    Why not clean it out completely and use a roe sack?
    If it's larger deer then a sled of some kind for extraction?
    I always prefer to completely clean mine out without open the ribcage.
    Only practise will help you with the green gralloch you desire but it can be done without breaking the diaphragm.
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    Cut the windpipe and pull it up to the larynx. Cut the larynx out and the oesophagus will be the other pipe coming off it, pull it away from the neck until you get to the top of the breastbone. Shave it and tie the knot, pull the windpipe and the laynx will come away. Wrap the oesophagus round your finger and pull it along the line of the breastbone towards the rear with a constant pressure till you feel it give, pulling this way stops direct pressure on the join with the stomach where most people split it. Then open up the back end as normal and work the stomach etc out up to the diaphragm, find where the pipe goes through and pull it out.

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    Cut skin/flesh(keep cut small to prevent contamination) at neck until windpipe can be seen. Pull windpipe. esophagus is attached at the back of windpipe, separate the two, scrape the "meaty" flesh so a knot will hold, cut esophagus and tie knot. cut windpipe if removing pluck at the same time of gralloching. I find it is best to push the diaphragm forward whilst grabbing the esophagus at the stomach and then gently pull. The amount of pressure that you can exert varies from one species to another. It is easier and quicker to do than describe

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    if im lucky in the morning , i will do a video of the most fool proof gralloch and see what you make of that !

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    if im lucky in the morning , i will do a video of the most fool proof gralloch and see what you make of that !
    Good luck Lee, but why don't you put it on a DVD first and flog it?!

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