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Thread: Parker Hale 7x57 Safari

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    Parker Hale 7x57 Safari

    Parker Hale 7x57 Safari Super. Santa Barbara Mauser action, 22" Sporter Barrel with nice bright bore. Monte Carlo Walnut stock in nice nick. 1 inch rings and bases
    An excellent lightweight sporter all you need is scope. Future classic!

    225 quid ono.

    Photos to those who wants em, just send me your email addys.



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    Sold pending the usual.



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    Now back on the market due to buyers reduced financial circumstances.
    Same deal applies. Get in touch if interested.



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    BTT any questions or requests for photos then please pm.



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    I wish you would stop teasing me with this I would love to relieve you of it but I cannot do so. A nice Safari is missing from my cabinet but I have to pay for and collect a .243 Midland 2100 first and have only just got the 1200C and have a Majestic Featherweight waiting for me. Damn always the way one comes along when Icannot make a move on it.

    Good luck in selling it.

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    Cheers BH. It deserves to go to a good home where it can be put to use!


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