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Thread: What 4 x 4????

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    What 4 x 4????

    Replacing my Defender 90..... Too small. Best advice so far is Toyota Hilux and go with the 2.5 engine. Any advice????

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    You don't need anymore advice than Toyota hilux !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    VW Touareg or the Amarak if it must be a truck

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    This is a bit like a 'how long is a Piece of string' question......

    comes down to this, how much do you have to spend and what are using it for?

    just been through this dilemma and have a suitable vehicle for us..... Bit more info and I'll chuck my experience in for you to consider......

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    Toyota Landcruiser

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    I have the 2.5 Hilux, does what it says on the tin, very reliable (touch wood!) but trying to get a big red up and over the tail gate can be fun at times!

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    More info'...moved to a cottage 2 miles up a forest track a year ago...quite high up so we get decent snow! defender is fine but have now acquired another 2 dogs..three in total. Need something that does the 4x4 bit well, has space in the load area for the mutts and more elbow room than the defender. Needs to tow a twin axle trailer on occasion. The mechanic at my local agricultural engineers, who services all the local trucks, says Hilux. Looking for something no older than a 12 plate with average miles....a load cover and tow bar would be a bonus.

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    Toyota Landcruiser /Toyota Hilux are your best Choice.

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    Toyota may have the ''Jeremy clarkson'' pump up appeal but they rot like h3LL , unless its a 3.0l motor ,keep away.. As from 'tata' motor company (landrover) expect trouble, big trouble..

    In the eyes of the world, or 'car v's wild' series. There only one 'Jeep' there all named after !!! Buy one or build one & it will out last you. ecomomical CRD 2.5/2.8 diesel range, as tough as they come, all the extras as standard, & a heater that you can bbq on, or air con to freeze your gonards off, they have enough room & compartments to find a home for all a sportmans needs too !

    parts are a pittance direct from over the pond.
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