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Thread: Winching!

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    Not what you might think lads. There's a lot of work going on on our ground just now. New ditches are being scooped out by a 360. My fear is that the way they are doing them we could easily slide very gently off the road in the snow. So, what am I going to buy in the way of a winch to get me out?
    Ive got a pickup. New AT tyres as I have to travel a bit to and fro, but they will not be enough.
    Any ideas much appreciated.

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    Ha, ha, ha. You are too clever. Very funny and very quick. You not got any work to do?
    Thanks. Let's see what else comes in!

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    Warne VR12000 on front, plasma braid, runner/roller on rear, problem solved

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    Warne and Superwinch are two brands that are always recommended on one 4x4 forum I'm on. There are lots of things to consider depending on winch speed, power consumption, power, weight of vehicle, frequency of use. Maybe do a google search of some forums as I'm sure you'll get loads of good info on there from some real off road users who use them reguarly and work them hard.

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    Buy portable capstan winch, ground anchor and caving rope and you have a system to recover vehicles and large deer with


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    anchor points with a good lead to winch from are seldom in the right place, so look out for a ground anchor to carry as well as the winch

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    Have a look at The best thing since sliced bread. I imported one last year, but they are now available from an agent in Cornwall.



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    I have one on the front of my L200 and one that fits on the tow bar for dragging me out

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    What sort of budget are you looking at spending?
    I use winches on my off-roader to compete in winch challenge events and have found that you usually get what you pay for as with most things. The last thing you want when your buried in a bog upto your door handles is a winch to fail!. Up until recently I have usually always had Warn winches fitted, I am currently fitting a hydraulic system.

    Top end price range I would go for Warn XP 9.5 excellent winch, good speed and loads of power I run 1 of these on my winch comp truck but approx 1100. For the cheaper alternative I would go for a Goodwinch TDS 9.5 from David Bowyer, again a good strong winch used by many winch comp boys and cost about 480. Superwinch will probably fall in between these price wise,I had 1 on a road motor I had and it pulled well but was too slow for any competition use.
    Hope this helps a little.


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