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Thread: Best thing to clean scope Lenses

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    Best thing to clean scope Lenses

    Hi all

    just a quick one what do you guys use to clean your scope lenses ?


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    Clean cloth and methylated spirit...or malt whisky.

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    Lidl W5 spectacle cleaner


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjs View Post
    I have to agree with bob, they are just the job and not expensive. Just brush of any dust grit and then wipe down.

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    I have these and they work a treat....

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    Soap water to get rid of greases and dust.
    touch up with lens cloth.

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    Lidl spec cleaning wipes are excellent. Use air can or blower brush to remove big bits then if you have access cotton wool bud dipped in meths, start in center and circular /spiral outwards.

    Breath on lens and polish with lint free tissue.

    Most modern coatings are hard but older german scopes the coatings can be v easily scratched.

    As I use microscopes daily I have access to lens cleaning tissue and our service engineer actually uses a chamois leather to polish the lenses.

    It helps to use sunshades with butler creeks to keep objective protected, however simple protector is a bit of cling film kept in place by a rubber band.


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    Solution 30 lens cleaner for glasses or any lens,free from any optician,failling that,

    The above from halfords for your windsceen,been using on my glasses and scope and seem to bead the water nicely.I would never encourage any use of toilet paper,or kitchen roll,wood based products which will ruin and scratch your lense.a chamois or microfibre glasses cloth should be used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    Soap water to get rid of greases and dust.
    touch up with lens cloth.
    Agree with that......... I usually use a blower and a soft bristle paintbrush not used for anything else to get rid of any dust but then a mild handsoap and water on the rare occasion I need to clean smudge marks from lenses.

    Soap and water works well on my plastic lensed glasses and they usually get done twice a week, now almost 2 years and they're not showing any signs of damage or wear. Result.

    I use either a towel or just the end of a bit of rolled up tissue to dab the lenses dry..... certainly no rubbing or anything like that. The slight bit of soap left behind naturally helps any wet to roll off.



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