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Thread: Remington 1100 trigger unit

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    Remington 1100 trigger unit

    I was cleaning my old 1100 the other day when there was a ping and
    part of the trigger unit flew into the shrubbery.

    I think the cheapest solution may be a used trigger unit. Anyone got one?

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    One on guntrader today

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffreyL View Post
    One on guntrader today
    I can only find one advert and it's from a chap who's looking for one.
    If you can see a different one, could you point me too it?

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    Sorry flanker, now I have read it properly it is the same ad, I didn't look any farther than POA. Hope you find one somewhere. Try Midway or Brownells for parts. Regards Jeffrey

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    No worries. Thanks for looking into it. I'll follow up on your PM too. Cheers

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