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Thread: jewell trigger or timney trigger for Remington 700

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    jewell trigger or timney trigger for Remington 700

    hello there as above, i am after a jewell or timney trigger for my rem 700 bdl, cant be doing with the (hammer tastic) one what is on it the now,
    any advice where i could get one from or if any one has one for sale, it would be great,

    cheers charlie

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    I really suggest you get the present trigger adjusted if you cannot do so yourself as I have always found the Remmy trigger to be as good as any factory trigger and better than most if correctly adjusted. They are usually far better than the Timney and I really would not choose to change it even for a Jewell except very long range targets or competition use.

    I have various articles and other paperwork which will act as a guide to adjusting yourself - so PM me with your email address and I will email it.
    Also, before spending on a new trigger, you could try one of the 'spring kits' available in the US - take a look on line - Most folk will post to the UK and costs are so small it is certainly worth a try if your trigger is a real pig.

    Which reminds me I have a couple of Winchester ones I don't need !

    One site worth a look

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    Or perhaps a Rifle Basix`s trigger,prob less than 1/2 the price of the others...well they were last time I got one for my Winny.
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    Which model Jewell: benchrest or hunter/varmint?

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