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    a max

    can sombodey clear this up for me i got slated before when i asked could you shoot deer with 162gamax no its a target round ok so why is it ok to shoot hares fox and every thing else with them if they are a target round dont expand bla bla bla if expanding amo is reserved for all ground game why is every one using amax none expanding on rabbits to fox is that not ileagle as they are none expanding thanks

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    Shooting deer in the uk is illegal with what is classified as target ammo. There is no legislation that applies to other quarry regarding the type of bullet used.

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    pointless asking on here as you will get missed views,best to call you FEO and ask him,then call the BDS and the DI and BASC and all the rest of the organizations who will tell you the same thing.

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    Non-S5 does not mean non-expanding, does it?

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    The answer to this is simple and was confirmed by the BDS at their deer management course I attended in September.

    in Scotland you must use bullets designed to expand in a predictable manner, in England you must use hollow or soft point bullets- the requirement is clear in the respective deer act for each country.

    i have a copy of the course notes stating that it is not illegal to shoot deer in England with A-max bullets, but it is illegal to do so in Scotland.

    i wonder if they teach you that on the Jelen course?

    in the Basc publication on the matter, they confirm its classification as a target bullet, that is all, they make no reference to it being illegal for use on deer.

    BASC clears up ammunition confusion. | BASC
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    A classification is just that, but you then have to abide by it when it is made clear, way before this was put to bed, I took Red deer with 162 A max, this was when the packaging mentioned Whitetail /CXP 2............. never had a problem, A max have a steady record with me on fox, in .223........... never had a problem here either, excepting when using V max instead
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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post

    i wonder if they teach you that on the Jelen course?
    ???? ... Bit random there Gazza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jelendeer View Post
    ???? ... Bit random there Gazza
    Not really, what do you teach on your course? Or how would you answer the question? Chris has an answer, what does mike say on the matter?

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    If it came down to the nitty gritty if someone was using A-max or other Hollow point bullets that are designated 'match' ammo by the manufacturers, and were being prosecuted (or tried to be prosecuted) I think you will find that when fired into ballistic Gel those bullets actually DO expand! the reason they are designated 'match' bullets is that they either have a slightly thicker jacket, smaller hollowpoint , are marginally longer, or they have been made with more consistency than designated 'hunting' bullets to allow for marginally better accuracy.
    Full metal jacket bullets don't expand and are therefore illegal to use on live quarry.
    Until the manufacturers actually state on the ammo box that the bullets DO NOT EXPAND then their designation of 'match' bullets is nothing more than a recommendation and designation.

    If you think about it.... hornady for example could market the v max bullet in the uk and call it the varmax match bullet.... all it would take is a re designed box that says 'match bullet for deadly accuracy and maximum effect' Then it's sold the same as any other match bullet!! simple!!

    Just have a think!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Not really, what do you teach on your course? Or how would you answer the question? Chris has an answer, what does mike say on the matter?
    Hi Gary,

    What I say on the matter is that this stuff (legal bullets for deer) is DSC1 level . Our Advanced Deer Management course is about Advanced Deer Management.



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