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Thread: Should I ? Shouldn't I ? Is it even legal ?

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    Should I ? Shouldn't I ? Is it even legal ?

    A few years ago I cleared a shed for a friends deceased relative.
    I paid the widow for the contents. There were lots of tools (what I was after) but there was also some muzzle loaders, a pair of 6 shot revolvers and a folding .410.
    Stupidly I handed the muzzle loaders to the police along with the pistols as I didn't want or need them. There was also some black powder and other bits, all of which is gone now.
    I still have the tools (Snap on ) and other bits and pieces. I was however left with these
    I have shown the police my Cannon and they said nothing. The bullet mold does seem to be the correct size for the bore. The Cannon is clearly self manufactured, is about 6" long and is smooth bored.
    So is it legal?
    Do you dare me to fire it?
    If so any recommended charges?
    And what area should I clear before my test firing? 200m,1 mile or inform MOD and take it to Bovington ranges
    Suggestions please
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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    So is it legal?
    Do you dare me to fire it?
    If so any recommended charges?
    And what area should I clear before my test firing? 200m,1 mile or inform MOD and take it to Bovington ranges
    Suggestions please


    As much as you can fit in No not really, I reckon that an empty 12 bore 2 1/2" case will hold about the right amount of black powder. Ask on one of the american cannon type forums to be sure?

    Light with a very long fuse from behind cover, and keep about 50-70m clear in case it explodes on firing.

    I doubt that you'll be able to hit anything (on purpose) at over 20m.

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    As it is not a genuine antique kept as a curiosity or ornament, it would not be exempt from licensing requirements, if it is actually fully bored and fireable.

    The status of 'signalling device' could be debated forever however the possession of the bullet mould would suggest other intentions. Most forms of signalling devices need some form of licensing.

    On the face of it possession may be unlawful and I would recommend that you seek more knowledgeable advice, so that you can be sure and avoid the risks.

    It would definitely be unlawful to fire it with a projectile and most unwise to risk it. I suspect given your firearms experience, that you are not serious about firing it anyway ?

    Never underestimate the power of black-powder, even as a blank charge.

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    That's a hand cannon, a modern copy. The bore is on the small side, the original ones had a larger bore and were sometimes fitted to bits of wood to give them a handle. Would I fire it, hell yes! - but from a distance


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    I can't believe you havn't already fired it.

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    Do you know what size minie ball the mold throws ? It's obviously a modern mold and probably of reasonable quality if made of brass as apposed to the cheaper alloy ones. An advertisement in the magazine of the muzzle loaders association would probably be the best way to sell it if you should decide to sell.

    As for the "cannon" spike it and the problem is solved.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    'Do you dare me to fire it?' i double dare you...however i would suggest you inwardly digest what you are being told regards projectiles and seek advise and a range on which to test.

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    With regards to firing it, holding it on ticket etc. would it not need to be proofed? I'm certain it would before it could be sold anyway, if it comes under S.2 or S.1. If it is classed as a signalling apparatus maybe not? It's all a bit grey and wooly!

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    Fire it, video it and then post it on hear. (Who wouldn't want to fire a cannon no matter the size..)

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