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Thread: On behalf of Colin Solway stalker

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    On behalf of Colin Solway stalker

    Good day to all.

    Im passing on a message on behalf of Colin solway stalker.
    colin is under going an operation today, as well with in the middle of moving house and no Internet.
    apoligies along the way and once back up and running he'll reply to all pm's etc.....

    Speedy recovery mate.

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    I know you cannot read this as you have no internet at the moment, but hope the operation goes well and you are back up on your feet soon.


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    Speedy recovery Colin, hope to have another outing with you next year.

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    Get well soon
    Good move being away while moving though, top bit of planning


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    Best wishes for both a speedy recovery and a smooth house move.

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    Speedy recovery from me too Colin. See you soon, hopefully!

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    Stop being a big girl Colin does this op mean you will keep up with me

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    Hi Colin

    aw re best inat,

    hope all goes well old chap.translation of the above for those that need it.

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    Best wishes to you Colin, hope it all goes well and you're fighting fit again soon!

    all the best


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    Good luck with it and speedy recovery

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