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Thread: Memorable stalk, Roe Doe Cull

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    Memorable stalk, Roe Doe Cull

    Thought I'd share with you a memorable stalk from yesterday morning. I usally stalk alone, but had a friend with me yesterday who was witnessing the stalk for me. I really enjoyed his company and also the advice and tips he was able to share.

    The stalk was the start of a small winter doe cull on the shoot that I keeper in my spare time. The farmer has little tollerance for the deer, which number around 20 on about 350 acres.

    We started at first light and the first plan was to target a small spinney that borders the farmhouse - the field it encompasses is a haven for about 5 of the population and they can be seen most days from the farm - adding to the farmers frustration. A fruitless stalk through the woods bought us out into a maize stubble field, still no deer to be seen - most unusual. On we went, nothing in the next field and I was begining to wonder where these usually conspicous deer were. We had nearly completed the top boundary of the farm when my mate wispered to stop - up ahead was a deer on a banl in the long grass. We froze and I set up the sticks, it gradually became apparent it wasnt just 1 deer but 5.

    The shot wasnt a long way - about 80 yards, but I wasnt happy head shooting which was all I could see clearly, and I didnt want to send a bullet semi-blind into the grass at one. Eventually they moved off the bank down into the field.

    Attempt number 2 was a 30yd belly crawl across muddy stubble, alas when I arrived at my vantage point they were on the limits of what I will comfortably shoot at, and to make it worse I had forgotten to attach my bipod, so this approach was abandoned.

    My 3rd and final attempt invloved a creep around the bank through some cover to ambush them in the field corner. After about 10 mins of repositioning, I popped up to see where they were - my heart sank, they had vanished! But all was not lost, they had simply slipped under the tree canopy and were silently browsing about 60/70 yds away - perfect!

    I left my mate and my dog back in the cover and crept forward, I had shortened my sticks to kneeling height and had the perfect platform - on a slight bank shooting down, masked by some whispy cover. I had 5 deer in front of me - a 6 point buck, a mature doe, a 2/3 yr old doe and 2 yearlings. Ideally I wanted a yearling but they were out of view and it was the 2/3yr old doe that presented the best oppertunity. I made the adjustment for her slightly quartering and she dropped at the shot - very happy with that. Reload and the rest of the pack bolted only to stop as Roe do about 30 yds away - this was a cull after all, and a yearling presented another safe shot - bang, no.2 in the bag.

    Both deer gralloched, the first having been shot through all the vital organs, and the 2nd straight through the heart. Nice to get both of those witnessed!

    We were back home mid morning and I cooked up my mate a Stalkers Breakfast - he'd never eaten Roe Liver before and the young doe had a perfect one for breakfast, so Devilled Roe Liver on toast and a mug of tea. Perfect!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you say Witnessed I assume that you are referring to dsc2 stalks? If so I think that you will find that neither should count because:
    1. Your AW pointed out the deer for you. 2. I believe that he should have been next to you when the shots were taken and 3. That was one stalk and not two.
    Additionally I wonder what others think about orphaning roe kids this early in the year unless when you say yearlings you actually mean 18 month old roe?
    Sorry to be a party pooper though as it appears that you had a great days stalking.
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    Apologies if I mislead, witnessed I mean watching and not shooting. This has nothing to do with DSC2.

    Also orfaning kids? I left the mother deer and took the younger of the group.

    Thanks for your concern.

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    Nice write up, well done on the double!



    Alba gu brąth

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    Well done Adam not everyone will be negative

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    I'm sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick but you have written 'had a friend with me yesterday who was witnessing the stalk for me.'. AW's have to ensure standards are maintained and the rules are applied else the DSC2 qualification becomes worthless!
    Last edited by baguio; 01-12-2013 at 10:32.

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    I dont think Baguio was being negative just pointing out the obvious. It certainly reads that it was a level 2 stalk. Well done anyway
    Atb steve

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    Well done for keeping at it. The earlier efforts just make it all the sweeter.

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    Adam nice write up with a memorable pic to keep as well
    it's the two deer on the floor cleanly shot and gralloched that counts
    Enjoy your stalking
    regards pete

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    Nice write up and well done. Hopefully you’ll look at that picture in 30 years and still recall the excitement and pride of a job well done.

    Don't be put off sharing further adventures as god knows this site needs more honest and unsanitized contributions like this.



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