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    any thoughts on lazer bore sighters,seem ideal,no human,error,when we miss,would be certain it was"nt the rifle,any thoughts ,regards,Tone,

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    Laser boresighters like all other gadgets like this are used for bringing the scope onto paper. You MUST always then zero onto a target with the ammunition you intend to use.



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    Most if not all laser boresighters are for initial sighting in , In all the instructions I have ever read they all say use at a distance of 20 meters to 25 meters , The one I had a shot of at 100 yards the dot was more like a tennis ball and it had to be pretty dull to even see the bloody thing, and remember there is no trajectory on a laser beam .
    At 20 to 25 meters I tend to lock rifle solid onto a target and then just look down the bore and then match reticule then move onto trying a few rounds for fine tuning at different ranges,
    A friend of mine bought a laser boresighter to fit a .270 and .243 nearly ruined his 243 when the thing became stuck in the chamber he had to put a long tap through the base of the laser and pull very gently but firmly with a vise grip , they come with different brass holders but the 243 one was fractionally to big.

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