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    I would just like to highlight the fantastic service that Swarovski do as part of their customer after sales care.

    I noticed an issue when trying to zero a rifle, the right windage turret was not moving when clicked??

    UK Swarovski told me to send them up with a brief description of the problem and told me to expect a 3 week wait as they would be sending them to the Swaro HQ in Austria.

    Almost 3 weeks to the day I received by post my fully repaired and serviced scope, it came with a breakdown of the work carried out and a check list of all the pressure test's they did on it.

    The total cost to me was NOTHING!!

    The all round service from Swarovski was second to none and I cannot thank them enough especially as I was not the original purchaser of the scope.

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    Excellent. Was it still within warranty?

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    I should imagine this sort of positive advertising more than makes up for your scope being serviced

    but in my experience I have heard nothing but good about swaro's aftersales and they also replaced one of my scope caps FOC even though I fell over and broke it.

    A local dealer to me said he once sent a pair of 10yr old binos back and they had to have new glass, new armour and new focus controls and this was all done FOC that sounds like amazing service
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    Was the same service with my binos

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    Excellent but at the price of Swarovski stuff this IS the service we should expect. I bought a Swarovski scope and binos over zeiss purely down to this reputation, zeiss are reputedly not the best regarding after sales service.

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    I just wished they did not move over to second focal on all their scopes! :-(


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
    Excellent. Was it still within warranty?
    Swarovski give a life time warrenty against a faulty scope that has not been abused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
    I just wished they did not move over to second focal on all their scopes! :-(

    I was of the opinion that the 1" tube scopes were in the 1st focal plane ? fixed or variable.

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