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Thread: Grim reaper and angels

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    Grim reaper and angels

    Ladies and Gentlemen.

    As you can see the site is generally running a great deal better of late. This is thanks to a very generous site member who has helped out in a big way, and both JAYB and myself are very grateful for his professional help and advice.

    Thank you

    On the other hand we have a popular site that seems to be growing very very strongly. Many very good friendships have been made by a great many people on here, and long may it remain so. However as the site grows we enevitably find that idiots join who want nothing more than to be destructive, rude and openly write in an over offensive fashion. We do monitor this site quite closely between both John and myself, and to a certain extent JAYB calms me down when someone gets up my nose

    However please be assured that we will not tolerate openly abusive comments to anyone, either in the forum or by private PM. As of this evening I have banned a well known member of this site. Some may not consider it fair, but uncaring and offensive comments about a man's father who has recently died and who's rifle is being offered for sale is I am afraid with me a step beyond the limits.

    Lets keep this site friendly, constructive and helpfull.

    Thank you

    Sikamalc (with his big admin hat on)

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    Is that the guy you have deleted a few times Malc. You must have stats on him by now.

    Yet another good decision. I hope you were smiling whilst you slowly pushed the DELETE button.

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    Not an easy decission but other sites that did not moderate when the threads degenerated are no more. Not nice when you have to do it but in the end it will benifit of the site,
    Well done ,

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    I am sure any genuine member has no problem in backing you up in your decision as most of us are hear to learn and maybe share a little help or an experience with each other and maybe make good friends .
    Good site keep up the good work.

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    As we do in the field, we must do in the office Just selection at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275
    as this is the sort of thing that sends a website downhill fast and no-one benefits fron that. JC
    I read the above quote from the thread about the rifle and the thing that struck me was that, somebody may have had something to benefit; Dave Quarrel, by dragging down this site may be he thought his own site (if still running) would gain an advantage.

    His comments on the rifles price may have had some validity, but there is a time to shut the f**k up, or at the very least voice them with more compassion and tack.



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