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Thread: Zeiss Diatal-C 1.5x 12 Dangerous game scope - Wild Boar !

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    Zeiss Diatal-C 1.5x 12 Dangerous game scope - Wild Boar !

    Hi folks, sorry my first post is in the for sale section ! Though if you notice I did join a while ago and do pop in most days for a look

    Zeiss Diatal-C, 1.5 x 12 Big or dangerous game scope in minty condition, this has been hardly used except for practise on a .22 rimfire.
    As you would expect this scope has superb optics, as good as they come. Standard 1" tube. Recticle # 2, a fine cross hair and a tapered single post. Its hard to see the cross hair in the photo as there is a bit of reflection - thats just my bad photography !
    I'm not sure why it is classed as 1.5x 12 objective as the lens measures the same width as the inside of the tube, so it must be about a 22mm objective lens.

    Ideal for that double rifle, big bolt action, drilling, lever action or slug gun. Has its original Zeiss lens covers.


    325.00 posted Royal Mail special delivery.
    I'm in Mid Wales near Welshpool.

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    Smooth intro Linc

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    all offers considered !

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    Just looked for your introduction, couldn't find it anywhere. Where did you put it???


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    Now sold, thank you for the enquiries.

    Though of a shy and retiring nature I will update my intro asap.
    Best Regards

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    Hi All

    Im new so cant advertise in clasified yet but if anyone is interested in a top of the range zeiss dangerous game scope i have for sale the latest Zeiss Victory with Loutec coating Varipoint 1,1-4x24 Illuminated single dot Reticule 30mm scope, they are brand new never used never been in a set of rings yet i bought them to shoot wild boar last year but it never materialised and i never end up going they cost 1100.00 i will accept offers over 600. they are an absolute bargin.

    Regards Deer Stalker

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    Good thing you aren't advetising it then isn't it

    If you have posted your hello's don't think anyone minds a genuine for sale post, besides we can always keep an eye on you.. nice to see a few more local folk on here hope you enjoy it just watch out for that JayB he is really sharp on new posters,
    has ears like an eagle

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    Looks like the rules for posting classified adds have been revised as posted by CSL

    Following a discussion with John this morning we have set it up like this:

    1) All new users registering must have a location set
    2) Users cannot post a new thread/advert in Classifieds until they have 10 posts under their belt, although they can reply to existing adverts

    Hopefully this should encourage a bit more participation in the forums whilst also increasing buyer confidence in the Classifieds section.


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    Thanks and point taken im a genuine stalker been doing it 20 yrs now, just would like to pull some cash back to put towards another syndicate or some let days.

    Thanks for the advice

    Kind Regards

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