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Thread: Electric Knife sharpener

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    Electric Knife sharpener

    Hi All i was wondering if anybody on the forum uses an electric knive sharpener and if so which model would you recommend,

    regards Geoff

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    may as well use a grinder IMO!

    that and the ones with crossed steels

    they impart the feeling of "sharpness" by turning it into a very fine serrated does this by ripping chunks out of the blade!

    even a cheap double sided carborundum stone is infinitely kinder to your blade and used properly will give a longer lasting and sharper edge

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    Got one of these whetstone water based sharpener. Absolutely first class, perfect angle every time.
    Uk guy

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    Got one of the Bushwear ones. Use it for post mortem knives at work. Rough, but quick and effective. Wouldn't use it on my 'good' knives.

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    Not if you have spent more than 1 on a knife, just as said before actually creates a serrated blade edge, best edges always off water stones changing grades as you go, finish with a strop don't think there is a better way. imo

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    Lidl electric knife sharpener

    The above thread was a few months ago, worth a read.

    I bought a Worksharp and it comes with a selection of belts including one that is so fine its like a strop, it turns knives into razors and there is no serrating or damage to the blade. My original vocation was as a jeweller and I kept a couple of my diamond loupes (10x magnification) I have looked at the sharpened blade under that and they are beautifully smooth.

    I would recommend it, not all knife sharpeners kill a blade.


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