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Thread: Well thatís it

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    Well thatís it

    winter is here may be time to turn the heating on
    Just got in been out with the dogs for an hour been trying to snow here for over an hour sat here now 8.30am coffee in hand watching some real heavy flurries of snow come down. not settling though!!!!

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    Morni'n Ash, have you had the transfer?Steve.

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    where abouts are you?? cold here but no sign of snow....

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    north York's mate we are about 800 feet above sea level here

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    There's been snow on the tops in Snowdonia the last couple of days, not much but a decent covering from about 2,000 feet upwards.

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    Snowed all day here Sunday - lead hills, just south of Glasgow (approx 900ft)

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    I was up on the hills just past Fort William at the weekend and there was plenty of snow up on the high ground, got an hind(the only one i saw) but usual case now the deer have there calendars out cos i saw 49 stags.

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    just shifted about 3 ton of snow to get out to the bloody road currently about 6 to 8 inches here

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    4" here, just cleared the drive and paths, freeeeeeeeeeeeezin Jim

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