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Thread: Camo dip kit

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    Camo dip kit

    Above link for dip kit to turn things camouflage, anyone tried it on some thing looking tired and old or want to try it and let me know how they get on? Got an old shotgun that would probably tart up quiet nice with it.


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    Seen it before on a t.v programme, sons of guns or American guns.

    On this occasion it was a fuel tank for a motorbike and other parts which were dipped into the container which had the kit in it. The item was carefully immersed and rolled which then picked up the transfer and covered the whole area.

    What you see on the transfer is what you get on your dipped item and it looks really good. I would think that you would need to secure the item to something to dip it otherwise you will have camouflage fingers.

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    Hey i used mydipkit its a bit fiddly and instructions need to be followed to the letter, prep is everything, i did some atv parts and they looked great, has been sold now so no images some good instructional vids on youtube that may help. atb

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    Would you risk it on a shotgun?

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    Not on the matching pair of Purdys, old boy!

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    Yes but not wood, much better result on synthetic, have a look at youtube

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    Dipping is becoming very popular - generically called hydrographics. There are a number of companies now doing this. My synthetic shotgun will be done in the next week or so. I'll post photos when I get a chance.
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    Seen this quite a bit in the US, they don't seem to mind much about their guns being different, but like the other posts have mentioned I am not sure it would go down all that well over this side of the pond given the type of shotguns we have.. maybe the likes of wild fowlers?? but I would not be trying it myself.

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