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Thread: re tubing scopes

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    re tubing scopes

    Has any one any idea how much schmidt bender charge to retube a scope with slight ring marks on it ? Cheers

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    I feel an 'ouch' coming on.


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    RETUBE a scope ,,, ring marks , come on !!!

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    Just use it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Todd View Post
    Has any one any idea how much schmidt bender charge to retube a scope with slight ring marks on it ? Cheers
    It will be a big OUCH!!! Their prices have gone out of control...I recently asked for a ret change and illumination device to be fitted...€703.00 plus 19% tax!

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    Stick it in some rings! Job done.

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    If the only thing wrong is the cosmetics of ring marks and that bothers you to that extent, ask the nice modest man James (Jager) for a quote to cerakote it - far cheaper than changing the tube. You can even match up rings etc at the same time for a custom look
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    I had a quote from S and B to refinish a scope which IIRC was around £350. That was a couple of years ago and was for a small 1.5x20 scope so don't know what todays price would be. I didn't send mine off!

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    Euro 350 for a new reticule

    buy another would be cheaper than retubing...if that is even possible

    if the mechanism is not impaired get the outside diameter filled and painted

    or just use them

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    Way back in 2009, like a fool I bought a 3-12x50 PM2 in a pair of Apels. On getting it home and taking them off I discovered that some 'erbert had overtightened the rings and crimped the tube...... no problem I thought, having been used to Swarovski's excellent customer service, it won't cost me a lot to get them to pop a new tube on for me. BIG mistake!

    No UK importer so you have to courier it to the factory yourself. £25 straight away.
    They looked at it and quoted 499.07 euros to fix it and no way were they going to move from that.
    Ok, I'll do it.... do you take card? Nope, International Bank Transfer only. Can't remember how much that cost me for the privilege of getting my Bank to transfer the cash.

    And so it sits in the box as it came back from the factory to this day...................... merde. It won't be on any of my rifles while I live and breathe.


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