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Thread: Larger 7mm's for Deer

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    Larger 7mm's for Deer

    Im thinking about getting one of the larger 7mm's - 280, 7rem mag, SAUM. Does anyone here use them for stalking ?

    It going to be used for long range shooting too, hence the magnums.

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    Had no complaints with 7mm WSM 162 grain Hornady

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    I was all set to go for a 280AI, the barrel was in the cabinet (un chambered), I then went and got another rifle in a non-standard chambering. With second thoughts I didnít want to have two deer rifles in reloading only calibres, so I stuck with the standard 270 which was going to be the base for the 280 and my mate had the barrel which he used for a 7-08.



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    Ive used a 7mm Rem Mag for the past 4 years and shot most of the uk deer species apart from CWD, and its a great calibre as long as you choose the right construction of bullet for it.

    I also used it in africa on plains game with 160g Accubond's and it killed everything with one shot kills. Its a very diverse round and potent with it!


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    If one couldn't be talked into a 7-08 or a 7x57, I'd vote for the 280. I have built at least a half dozen of them over the years and they are a fine balance of ballistics and power that will take the larger deer species easily. It is an inherently accurate cartridge that is very fuel effecient considering the case size.

    That being said, my brother runs a hunting lodge and all he's used for the last 28 years to kill deer up of upwards of 200 pounds is a 7x57 and a 145 grain bullet... at distances to 300 yards, no less. He is a well practiced shooter though.~Muir

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    Have a 7x65R - which is slightly down on the 280, 7x64 in terms of speed, but not much. Seems to be a very good round and whilst a 6lb (or 7lbs with scope) combination gun does have a wee bit of a kick, after a few rounds it is not an issue. Have used a 7x64 in a Mannlicher Model M in the past and found that to be an easy shooting rifle - weight about 8lbs. I am shooting a 160 gn Speer bullet at about 2,700 fps, or a factory RWS 162gn at 2,800 fps (according to the box). Kills noce and quickly.

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    I use the 7mm rem mag with 100% satisfaction. The 308 hardly gets a look in these days. Awesome calibre and meat damage minimal with 140g TSX

    Kills foxes and pheasants too!!!


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    Sure, but the 280 will do as much with considerably less powder. ~Muir

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    280 is my favourite alrounder, v accurate in the right hands although not as flat shooting as some cals

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    I used a Sako Finnbear 7mm Rem.Mag. for some years mostly on Reds with the Speer 130gr softpoint and Nosler partition 150gr, excellent cartridge.
    I dropped the Red stag below on the spot with the 130gr Speer bullet.
    Pic of rifle and victim here.
    [ For the purists, hunt over, rifle empty, scope caps back on ! ]


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