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Thread: Stalking Practice for DSC1- Northamptonshire

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    Stalking Practice for DSC1- Northamptonshire


    I am taking my DSC1 exam in late February, this will give me the opportunity to go with a friend of mine who has very kindly agreed to take me out once I have it. I was wondering if there would be a chance/opportunity for me to shadow/stalk with an experienced stalking to give me a real hands on experience and to help me learn practically in the field. Anyway help/information will be much appreciated.

    many thanks


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    why don't you just book a few days with a pro stalkers theres plenty on offer on this site alone,

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    Don't want to sound negative in any way Ben but why won't your " friend " let you shadow him without your dsc1 ? I dont have a dsc1 and my friends still invite me to stalk with them . Please feel free to pm if you want to .

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    Hi, I will be applying for my DSC1 soon, I have done some stalking in Ireland before and have held shotgun and firearms tickets at home but now I am living in the uk in daventry, I have sorted my shotgun cert next on the list is my firearms cert, as I am not from the uk and dont know as many farmers as I do at home, I am struggling at the minute to get the land to allow me to get my ticket. Once I have solved this problem it would be good to catch up with some guys from northants. where abouts are you based?

    Cheers JP

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