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Thread: Question for the masses

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    Question for the masses

    Looking for a night sight that goes on front of day scope looking for gen 2+\2 night scope so I can switch back and for between the two. Any idea where to get one?
    any website ?
    thanks guys

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    Thank god I was sat down

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    the brother in law had the cobra 2nd gen one and to be honest for the money I was not that impressed

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    Sell the camper and then you can buy me the merkel and yourself the NV!

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    When the camper is gone I'll have more to play with lol. I know your not to much if a fan of my current nv setup.
    I might try on my zeiss scope so what image is like though.

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    It does the job !

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    Yeah it does ok. Let hope we can dent the rabbit population.
    oh while I gave your ear our contact on our permission has told me where there are normally phesents cocks to not hens. Will tell you over phone when we speak

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    PS22 is the alternate to the Orion. Not a cheap option and not often available. I may know of one, depending on your budget. The digital option is the DFA75, which is reasonably available. Much as I like the concept, I don't find the performance as good as those that sit behind the scope.
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    The rear one make setup tricky in changing back and for as your head goes so far back up stock?

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