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Thread: 20 bore Beretta mobil chokes

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    20 bore Beretta mobil chokes

    Looking for a set of Mobil chokes for my Beretta 20 bore S686 special.
    And a choke key.

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    What chokes do you need I might be able to help you there!

    PM with which ones you need.

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    Hi ,
    Thanks for replying.
    I only have the two that came with the gun over 15 years ago (1/4 and 1/2).
    A full set would be brilliant,but whatever comes along will do for a start

    I could use full,3/4 andIC or just C. At least I would have a decent full set then.

    Any help would be much appreciated .

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    PM me if 3 brand new ones for 60 is any good

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    Thank you guys ,but I have it sorted now.

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