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    Yukon Photon

    For sale is my Yukon Photon scope with an ir torch and mount to fit to the photon. I paid £475 for the Yukon, £60 for the torch (Ultra fire 501 conversion ail single ir pil and ahorton lens) and £10 for the mounts. £535 posted.

    The items are all unused although the printed box for the Yukon is torn on one side from ham fisted opening, it was a tight fit. All being sold as I won't really have time to use them this winter.

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    Off to evil bay soon…...

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    You're going to struggle at that price. It's a second hand item and only £10 less than you paid for it?

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    Second hand implies used. This is unused and unmounted

    Plus haggling is traditional. As I have been offered an alternative it is open to sensible offers.
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    And today I have been offered a long term loan of this sexy beast….

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    Not yet put it on ebay. Will sell the scope, ir torch, plus mounts at a Christmas celebration deal. £450. I'll post

    It is still unused and unmounted.

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    Why on earth would anyone buy a second hand scope for £30 less and lose all consumer rights??

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