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    Pup Fox Pro

    Out lamping for a farmer who was getting his hens taken by mr fox , had been seeing one at the top of his field same place for 3 nights but it wasn't keen to come in to any of the calls and it was always over 300 , its a field with a lot of rushes so its difficult to get it to stop for a clean shot and the thought of taking the pup with me to walk into it didn't make sense as he is still a bit hyper,so made up my mind if the wind was right I would leave him in the jeep and go myself.Luck was on my side the next night and spotted 2 sets of eyes in the same place , wind was right, no moon, pinged them on the r/finder and they were 334 and quite happy courting so mounted torch on the scope, decided on a knoll to go to and started to walk,a must have got 30yards and the pup gave a whine and one muffled bark to which I stopped and put on the torch to see if the foxes had heard anything , they were both looking in my direction,a sat down to think about my next move and there was a whine and a bark from the jeep,switched on the torch again only to see one of them bolting towards me flat out BINGO stopped it with a shout and pinged her, 50 odd yards, back onto him and he pissed of but only towards the farm.So went back to the jeep and brought the pup up and let him find it.On walking up to the dead fox a was sure it would be a dog maybe thinking it was a contender so I was surprised to see it was a vixen.The dog yelped and barked for about an hour but never saw it so went back to the farm only to catch him in the middle of the field trotting through the sheep pinged him to , my Fox Pro Pup came in handy

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    Nice one-but why was the dog whining in the jeep-did you not leave it any seats to chew on??????

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    av got over that , got him caged in like a lion corky- 3/4 marine ply with 2" square grill , and no wee spaces to dig,oh and a face to face talk inside the boot.

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