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    worlds oldest newbie

    Hello all, I am new to site and would like to introduce myself. I started shooting many years ago (1960) and was a very keen game shot, but due to business commitments and involvement with running dogs, I did not pick up a gun for a long long time. Along with my wife who is also a keen shot I (we) shot skeet in the summer and shoot targets most weeks. I also have many farms where I have permission for pest control due to my involvement running dogs and I also have an open ticket which makes life easier. I own a Browning 425 20 bore o/u, a CZ 527 exclusive .223, a 527 American .22 Hornet and a CZ .22 rimfire. My wife has a Browning Buckmark .22 rimfire amd a Benelli semi auto 20 bore. all guns are on joint ownership. I am just getting into home loading for the .223 and the .22 Hornet, so I have a lot to learn and relearn. I will, no doubt be asking many question, but I will try not to make a pest of myself.

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    Hi and welcome, you are never too old to learn, I find it just takes a little longer. I started shooting in 1970 and have been involved ever since, and like you I started with shotguns.

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    Hi welcome to a very useful and friendly site.
    I started shooting and reloading in the fifties and still haven't learnt it all

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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