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Thread: Foxes off Quad Sticks

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    Foxes off Quad Sticks

    I help a friend keep on top of the foxes on their shoot, however you can’t get them all and this vixen (was) very tricky, with only one way in to the land via a track she would have heard the truck and was all ways be sitting nearly up the top of this field.
    I have made him a set of quad sticks, however they need a lot of practice and shooting off his platform on the truck has made him resistant to change.
    Last night same routine so with a gentle discussion I took his sticks and young Jack. He hazed the lamp on the fox while we legged it up the steep track, the vixen was quite content to sit and watch from her spot.
    Jack and I worked our way across the field until I was happy with the shot, 30 seconds to get my breath back and set the shot up, Jack flicked on my hand lamp and whack from the 75 grain round…
    After dragging this very heavy fox back to the truck, my mate was very happy and promised to practice with his..
    The second vixen was chasing around with a dog fox but with Bradwell power station lighting us up, Jack and I were in for an 800 yard walk as this pair kept trickling away as we moved down the field towards them.
    Eventually the field came to a stop so they were watching us from the headland getting ready to jump the ditch and off…
    As the vixen was side on the .243 knocked her off her feet while her mate ran like the wind…
    After the long walk back I said “can we go home know”


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    Well done! Although I normally shoot off sticks, I had one last night off a sandbag from the roof of my truck. It was miles out - even with my scope wound up to about x10 (NV add-on fixed to the back of my Swaro Z6), it was still tiny. My mate could barely see it with his x6 dedicated.

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    almost all my foxes are taken off sticks

    With a post, tree or wall to lean back on and quad sticks you are as solid as a bonnet or roof every time

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