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    It was bisley again yesterday, conditions were pretty good for the time of year, I think I shot better this time, well Ihope I did, was 8th last time and my work mates have called me henry since , hopefully it will be charles this time

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    Charles the 3rd , thought i was 1st or 2nd but somebody had a red letter day

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    I wish someone at work had an interest in shooting. If you were with your work mates younwork in a great place!



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    I'm thoroughly lost here as you went to Bisley; where a lot of shooting of rifles takes place most Weekends, and you didn't come 1st in what??



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    Its an interclub match,1000yd snaps,you all zero, you get 4 siters in 30 seconds, target goes down, gets scored and marking discs put on, they come up and you have 60 seconds to put 1 shot on each of the 4 fig 11 targets, target goes down again gets scored and marked, everytime targets come up you get less time, as said 60 seconds first go, then 50,40,30 and 20 seconds for the last target, its good fun, I work with my shooting mate quite often, ive also worked with my fishing mates, we talk fishing and shooting most of the day, its nice to go to work

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