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Thread: RCBS charge master combo wanted

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    RCBS charge master combo wanted

    As per title

    looking for a RCBS charge master combo

    anyone ?


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    I was in Reloading Solutions last week and noticed that they had one on the shelf. I think its was a shade over 450 though.

    Reloading Solutions Limited
    6, Cherwell Business Centre,
    Rowles Way,
    Kidlington. OX5 1LA.

    Telephone: +44-(0)1865 378200

    Also worth trying Dauntsey Guns who seems to get them regularly.

    Dauntsey Guns
    The Chimneys
    Dauntsey Lock
    SN15 4HD

    01249 893120

    If you bring one in from the USA watch out for the import charges and VAT and make sure its power supply is European.
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    Got mine from here 2 years ago but you will need to factor in the import duty, great bit of equipment though.

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    Hi Paul

    I got mine on ebay, it is the cheapest by far, would not be without it now. The seller is always on there. Pop over and give it a try if you want


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    Chris Potter Country Sports have one on the shelf.

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