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Thread: what 12g cartridges for geese ???

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    what 12g cartridges for geese ???

    as title lads what 12 cartridges are best to use on geese (canadas)



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    I have used these:

    12g Mammoth Steel 3 1/2 | Gamebore

    with some success on Canadians. There aren't to expensive either.



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    Hi Dave,

    Depending on hight, I use 3inch 50 gram number 3's or 1's.

    I find that the 50 gram number 3's work well, a good combination of energy and pattern.

    Hope this helps?


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    This season I have been using Remington Sportsman in 3inch 1 1/4 oz no 2 shot not to expensive 12 for 25


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    Presume you are in England and not Scotland?
    If you were in Scotland and not shooting over wetland I would still use lead.
    Otherwise 3 inch #2 or #3 and as much of it as possible!

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    Depend on how much you want to pay your dentist to refasten your teeth. I have to shoot a few geese for crop protection reasons and use Gamebore 32gm No 3 steel and find them ok so long as you dont shoot at silly ranges but some one gave me a Bornachi 36gm No 4 steel and I reckon I have whiplash from the recoil. Back in the good old days with Alan Murray on Loch Leven we used Eley magnum 3s in lead of course and they stopped greys no problem.Sadly relegated to shooting foxes with them. Also depends on the weight of your fowling piece.

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    We shoot quite a few Canadas each year here in the US. We factor two things in making our cartridge selection. First, is time of season. During our early season (September ) when the geese have not fully feathered up, lighter loads (# 3 or even 4 will work at closer ranges (30 yards and in). During late season, the geese will have a much thicker feathering and therefore we prefer #2 or bbs in steel, or switch to Hevi or some other high density shot.

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    been using the gamebore 42gram 1's and shot quite a few geese with them this season. dont cost a fortune either unlike some non-tox shells

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    Best day I ever had on pinks (enjoyment and bag) was when I forgot my alphamax 3's and found I only had Grand Prix 6's. Had to call them in and flare them in front of me (less then 20yds). Shooting them up the body and under the feathers killed then dead every time. Not recommended (and was before the lead ban), but the moral is to ensure that you get them close and don't be fooled into taking long shots because you have a heavy load. They are a big bird and flying faster than you think.

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    thanks for replys lads very helpful

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