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    I seem to have a peacock that likes to wander too close to the road, so I am looking to rehome him if anyone wants him FOC , we are in Havant Portsmouth .

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    Peacock eats well. Like a giant Guinea Fowl. Slow cook him if he's old, they can be tough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jubnut View Post
    Peacock eats well. Like a giant Guinea Fowl. Slow cook him if he's old, they can be tough.
    Very roman dish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    Very roman dish
    It's roman too close to the road, that's why he wants rid of it.

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    Sorry Taff would have had him, but am on a main road which for this one ain't no good.

    This is how it used to be prepared, if showing off to your guests

    A boiled Peacock may seem to be alive - from Magia Naturalis:
    Kill a Peacock, either by thrusting a Quill into his brain from above, or else cut his throat, as you do for young Kids, that the blood may come forth. Then cut his skin gently from his throat unto his tail, and being cut, pull it off with his feathers from his whole body to his head. Cut off that with the skin, and legs, and keep it. Roast the Peacock on a spit. His body being stuffed with spices and sweet Herbs, sticking first on his breast Cloves, and wrapping his neck in a white Linen cloth. Wet it always with water, that it may never dry. When the Peacock is roasted, and taken from the spit, put him into his own skin again, and that he may seem to stand upon his feet, you shall thrust small Iron wires, made on purpose, through his legs, and set fast on a board, that they may not be discerned, and through his body to his head and tail. Some put Camphire in his mouth, and when he is set upon the table, they cast in fire. Platina shows that the same may be done with Pheasants, Geese, Capons, and other birds. And we observe these things among our guests.

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    If you were closer Taff i would off had him i have about 20 hens knocking about

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