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Thread: Reloading components in Suffolk

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    Reloading components in Suffolk

    Hi guys. Had a bit a shocker.....

    I've recently moved upto Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds) and am now out of stock of primers. Been using the Muron primers in my .25-06. Have had great results and very consistent with Elcho17 with 100gr SMK and Speer Spitzers.
    Does anyone know of anywhere to get reloading supplies nearby?

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    i have some cci primers if you can't get any others.
    just send me a message if you want them I have a lot

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    Thanks Paul. I may well take you up on your offer. Where do you get your components from?

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    David at the country store sawston will get you most things for reloading
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Magic! I'll give him a call in the morning.

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    I work for A person that also owns Richmond gun shop based in saham toney in watton Norfolk they can get me all I need for the reloading.
    If you want some of the cci primers let me know you are not far from me about 25 mins or I can meet you some where.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    David at the country store sawston will get you most things for reloading
    I should warn you that they're having a bugger of a job getting anything at the moment - I've been waiting for some bullets for the last four weeks and have been told not to expect anything sooner than 23rd December. I've just ordered some more kit in advance since they think it might take them as long as March to get hold of it.

    PS - On that basis, I'm not getting through existing stock very quickly. I can give you 100 Muron primers if that would be enough to tide you over. PM me if you want them.

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    im in norfolk with good supplies atm if thats any help
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    Thanks Spud. Been trawling and may pop up at some point after Christmas. Buy myself some presents!

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    Thank you to all that responded and viewed this thread. I've now found some

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