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Thread: URGENT: Need to borrow a thermal imager

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    URGENT: Need to borrow a thermal imager

    Help please:

    I need to locate a serious underfloor leak in my central heating system and a TI may be the key.

    Valliant combi boiler is going from 2 bar to 0 IN ABOUT 90 MINS, takes several mins to refill. No water coming out of pressure relief vavle so central heating enginner fears major leak in pipework. No leaks on rads, sinks etc and no wet patches on ceiling so suspect its in pipework underneath lounge diner or loby.

    Will need to take up carpets and floor boards to investigate and suggestion is that thermal imager may be able to locate pipe runs and could pinpoint leak. May save huge ammount of work and expense.

    Is there anybody in Bristol or between Taunton and Bristol who could lend me a TI or come up and assist me?

    Please PM me if you could assist.



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    Do you know any of the boys in the local fire station? You never know they may be able to do you a favour while including it in their training .
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    fire department is a good idea... Any idea about how much water you are talking about? If it's a lot, a moisture tester may be all you need. If it's 5 gallons or less, check out your diaphram tank (big red ball near the boiler). If the diaphram gets ruptured, it'll suck up a bunch of water...

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    Themal image camers are not the do all tool that you think they might be.
    You will be looking at the floorboards looking for hot spots
    Everywhere your pipes are located on top of the joists then the floorboards will register heat
    Only when you have the heating on and you keep topping up the system with fresh water will the floor boards show heat
    You are looking for water that is hot and may be spraying onto the floorboard.
    If it is spraying onto the concrete floor you will not see this as heat as the concreate will instantly cool the water
    Suggest taking a floor board up in each room, you will smell the damp water and if you are lucky may pick the correct room first off
    Good luck
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    I have used a thermal camera before to find leaks but it was one for this purpose . Also i was looking at solid floor and it showed up easily but you will struggle with floor boards. Out of interest are using the hot water when it is losing pressure. Could be a hole in heat exchanger.

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    I used my HD38 to find a blocked CH pipe under my floorboards. I had just changed the battery and was checking everything was ok and noticed I could see the pipe runs under the carpets upstairs. I had a kitchen rad not working and all the plumbers that had looked at it failed to cure it. The last resort was to start ripping up carpets etc. I noticed a sudden lack of heat from one obvious pipe run and that was where the blockage was...saved a fortune.

    Good luck with it.


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    I very recently bought a cheap endescope from ebay ( under 15) which has a 7m lead and inbuilt light. It plugs into your laptop and I bought it to check for the presence of bats in a unaccessbile void. Suprisingly good quality image and the software allows photos or video.

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    Have you checked the heat exchanger?

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    I have experienced this problem, exactly the same symptom's, with the same boiler, mine was the expansion tank, the bag which keeps the pressure up failed, tell tale sign is the filler valve, like a bicycle valve if you press it water will come out and not air, you can either take the old one out and replace, or do as I did and fit one in line, easier maint. look on utube for the fault you describe and you will see what to do.

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    If expansion tank has failed, once this has been filled with water there is nowhere for the 4% expansion to go other than the PRV. Cyres Already stated that the PRV is not passing water so either heat exchanger or leak in system.

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