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Thread: Knoxx Axiom stock for Howa 1500 SA.

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    Knoxx Axiom stock for Howa 1500 SA.

    So having bought my .22-250 Howa with this attached I have since upgraded to a Dolphin stock then this is now surplus to my needs.

    It is the early collapsible version (when supplied now they have a bolt retaining the sliding cheek piece to conform to US export law) and has the cheekpiece extender attached (removable).

    was fitted for less than 150 rounds at the range so pretty much as new. Would make an excellent lightweight foxing stock.

    pics on request via personal email (files are too big for here).

    £150 posted (if I can find a box for it!).

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    Hi send a pic to please may be interested putting it on my 204

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    No probs, will do the in the morning and get them to you!


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    There are photos on this thread, For Sale: Knox axiom stock (Howa/Weatherby)

    Just out of interest, my Howa also came without the trigger type locking/release on the adjustable butt stock, just a single fixing screw. As all the Knoxx info says it should come with the trigger system I emailed Knoxx, they were very surprised to see photos of it, they reckon they always have the trigger release/lock system fitted and had no idea how we in the UK came to end up with the single cheapo screw type (there are no problems under ITAR with supplying adjustable stocks at all).

    They very kindly sent me a complete replacement butt stock free of charge
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