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    The Gun store

    Anyone had dealings with this shop in Pampisford ? I've been trying for a week to buy a gun from them but they don't reply to emails or return calls, just wondered if anyone else has had the same problems.

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    Assuming you mean "The Country Store" which is my local shop. If so, no - blood out of a stone is easier by half. One chap there, Andy, is usually pretty good, but the rest of them don't bother replying to emails unless there's nothing else to do (never happens). Easiest way is to keep calling them if you can be bothered, or drive over. They're open late on Thursdays - usually a good time to catch them at this time of year. Remember this if you order anything too - you can go for weeks without hearing anything, then go in for something else and find the stuff's been on the shelf for three weeks.
    On the plus side, the discounts on guns are usually pretty good (though some would argue they're priced high to start with to exploit that) and they are very helpful when you're actually there with them in the shop.

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    The only thing I would bother to do is to leave a ph message and an email in case they ever listen or read them but for the sake of letting them know why you wont shop there ever,nor will your mates.

    It is inexcusable to not read emails or answer them if the email address is listed with your business details.Even worse not responding to ph messages.

    These sorts are the first to complasin of a ' a slow month'
    "you nae be needing these no more"
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    Archie12, I tried ringing you back several times no reply, you must have bad reception, neutron619, I feel your comments a tad harsh as I gave you contacts for stalking and lots of free advice, we are a very busy shop and I can only apologise that the phone system is poor, and i nearly always return an email. I look forward to your reply.

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    Gunman, I'm very sorry to hear you had problems contacting me, this must be an intermittent fault as I've had no other reports of people having the same issues, you could have popped an email over to me and I would have tried ringing again.

    Many thanks for your time, Archie
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    OK - I'll be as fair as I can.

    Firstly, I'm sorry if the overall tone of my reply was one of irritation - I'm obviously keen to get started on my reloading project and it's frustrating that I haven't been able to get hold of the bullets to do that. That isn't your fault however, I shouldn't take it out on you and I apologise for the fact that my irritation there has led me to be unduly critical here.

    Secondly, please be assured, if there had been a reason in the post above to mention stalking contacts / advice and your kindness in that regard, I would have happily done so - indeed, I regularly tell others how helpful you've been to me, alluded it in my post above and encourage them to visit you in preference to any of the other shops locally. I also do this on other forums, most often ShootingUK, for the new folk who are starting up in Cambs. I also look forward to my visits to the shop (when I can justify them by actually having something to buy) since there's usually a friendly chat available for a few minutes, which saves my wife the bother of listening to me ramble on that little bit longer. I appreciate that too.

    However, without resorting to tallying scores, there have been several occasions in the past (most recently last week) where emails have gone entirely unanswered and I've had to resort to driving over to the shop to ask in person, the same question I put in my email. Admittedly, for me, it's not far, but when a few words - or in the recent case, even one: "no" - would have been sufficient to save me the journey, it's a little frustrating, especially given that I wrote on Monday, aware that I was giving you three days to reply.

    Simillarly, the reverse case happened with my recent rifle purchase - it had clearly arrived some time before I came to the shop speculatively to see if it was there, although I'd been told to expect a call on the day it came in. Again, this is slightly frustrating.

    Perhaps I suffer from a young persons' excitement with wanting to see my new things, so I'm happy to apologise for that character flaw, though I can't change it. Perhaps, also, I didn't give due consideration to just how busy you all are: since I only ever come in on Thursday nights and Saturdays, I don't see your daytime customers come and go - though I hasten to add that in my post above, I made the assumption that you would be busy and that that was the reason you didn't reply to emails, which is understandable at least.

    That said, with the ubiquity of email and the willingness of people to use it as a primary communication mechanism, my expectation would be to receive an acknowledgement to every communication, even if it was terse, or merely to say "we'll find out and get back to you" within 24 hours or so. Even an automatic response that said "we'll look at this asap" so that we know our email has arrived would be a start.

    Perhaps those expectations are unreasonable of me, but I think many of us who have to do any kind of customer service (myself included) will often have to meet even more stringent expectations of response turnaround - if I don't tell a customer not only that I've received their complaint, but how I'm going to fix it, by the end of the day it comes in, my boss tends to get rather cranky. I realise that may not be practical and that your business is necessarily bureaucratic, which must eat up a lot of time that might be better spent doing other things.

    To address the other things I said in my reply to Archie:

    • In spite of the fact that I moaned about a lack of email response, I did suggest to Archie the best way that he could get in touch with you, by coming in on Thursday evening.
    • I exaggerated when I spoke of ordering things waiting on shelves: for this I apologise.
    • I did mention that you were often willing to give discounts on guns, as you have done for me in the past, which I've obviously appreciated. Though I recognise that times are hard in the gun trade, my defense for the rest of what I said on that subject lies in the responses to this thread:

    Finally - I'm happy to state again, on the record, that my criticism of The Country Store was unduly harsh - they're an excellent bunch and I'm sorry that a bout of mild irritation made me forget the good service and help I've received from them, and particularly from Gunman, in the past.

    I hope that what I have said above is measured and fair.

    I bear neither Gunman or any of his staff any ill will (though I appreciate he may feel differently about me) and I do appreciate their efforts and assistance. I am happy to deliver sticky cakes from the bakery on Saturday morning as a peace offering / means of restitution if he'll accept them.


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