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Thread: Tika T3 Hunter

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    Tika T3 Hunter

    Has any one got experiance with a .308 Tika T3 Hunter? I am looking to get one but would apreciate any info good or bad before I take the plunge.



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    you wont go wrong with a t3 hunter mate thats for sure !

    i had a hunter in .243 and now have a t3 lite as you well know , its a exelent bit of kit and well worth the investment !

    cheers lee

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    have the t3 varmint in 243 cant complain puts one hole groups with factorey amuniton .so think the 308 if they do it in heavey barrel will be a good un out to 1000yards

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    Im in the process of aquiring my second T3 in 30-06.
    I have had one in .222 for years and have no complaints at all otherwise I would'nt be getting another.

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    Many say replace the stock and you have a great rifle withy the T3s.
    I'm leaning towards the X bolt though as the synthetic stocks don't moved evidently.
    My old Tikka M55 was a cracker.

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    Over the years I have had a few Tikkas , all have had excellent triggers and sensible stocks.
    The steel magazines of the Mod.55 and 65 were superior to the current plastic mags of the T3 but that is a small price to pay for a good rifle at a reasonable price.
    I have a T3 with wooden stock in .243 cal. and it is an excellent shooter.


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    T3 Hunter Deluxe was my first centrefire in .22-250, brilliant rifle & very accurate, never had any problems at all.


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    I purchased a T3 Hunter in 6.5x55 a while back. If you favor a classic all steel and wood rifle with hand checkered stock you may be put off by the T3 plastic magazine,trigger guard and cocking piece shroud and the laser checkering. However, the trigger is excellent and accuracy with reloads in my rifle is consistently sub minute of angle. The rifle weighs six and a half pounds give or take a few ounces. The stock design is good and recoil is practically non existent. The T3 is the rifle I take from the safe most often, particularly when there are mountains to climb.

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