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Thread: Sako 85 Classic Cross bolts?

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    Sako 85 Classic Cross bolts?

    On the Sako 85 Classic there are cross bolts on the stock. What do they do?
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    Not on the classic there isn't. The Deluxe and Classic Deluxe have 'em, but they only come in the larger actions. Would that have something to do with it? Or is it just an "image"?

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    I kow nowt about the Sako later production but cross bolts are put into stocks to protect from splitting of the wood.

    It's a Mauser idea and the front one is the recoil shoulder for the action to butt up against in heavy recoiling calibres and chambering a second is added further back:-

    By the trigger like on this P-H 1100M African magnum.

    Hope that helps.

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    Cross bolts are almost as old as bolt action rifles, and as Brit said above are there to reinforce and stop the stock from splitting, especially on big heavy recoiling calibres. Properly fitted the recoil lug should bear against the cross bolt. I have a copy of Clyde Bakers "modern gunsmithing" written in the 1930s. He was of the view that cross bolts are needed on machine made stocks as the in letting has to remove quite a bit of wood around the action, but that unless fitted properly, don't actually do very much. On a properly hand inlet stock you leave a lot more wood in and around the action thus making it a lot more secure. The biggest cause of stock splitting is any movement between action and stock. Try pressing a nail into a piece of wood - very difficult, but easy to tap it in with a light hammer.

    Grain of the wood is also important and it should have nice straight grain through the action and grip. Hand in letting stocks takes a lot of time and patience which just adds to cost. Nowadays with modern machine tools, in letting can be very much more precise - most of the Italian made shotgun stocks including side locks are now made on CNC mills, leaving plenty of wood in place. Glass bedding with modern epoxies also does the same job. Epoxies are wonderful materials, but they do break down over time. Probably not an issue for us reading this, but question over how many glass bedded rifles will still be is use in 100 years time?

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    The synthetic bedding put in by P-H on my 1200V had broken up so had to be replaced. I wonder if solvent had helped it go? Anyway that had lasted less than 30 years.

    For those whom may not know Parker-hale did use a plastic bedding compound on certain models like the 1200v (Varmint) and 1200TX to serve the preceived need for them by the markets the rifles were aimed at namely the American varmint shooter and the target rifleman. I am unsure as to how the M81 classic was bedded.

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    Funny enough I just took the action out the stock on my 85 Deluxe so I can get it threaded.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    you can see that the little 5mm threaded rod sits in the recess in the trigger mechanism at the back of magazine box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayb View Post
    Not on the classic there isn't. The Deluxe and Classic Deluxe have 'em, but they only come in the larger actions. Would that have something to do with it? Or is it just an "image"?

    On the sako site They are listed how you describe. But on the gmk site Description and picture are different. same as below sport man guns centre. Very confusing really.
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    I wanted the hunter but they did not have it in my cal. so dealer has ordered the next on up. He told me to look on the net and I would find it easily.

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