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Thread: change of address notification?

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    change of address notification?

    A quick query:

    I know you have to notify the police of any change-of-address.

    Can you move your cabinet and firearms and then notify them, or do you have to apply for permission to move them, and wait for an inspection etc?


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    You do not need to seek permission.

    Install cabinet asap at new address and then notify your issuing force.

    It says on your FAC "The holder of this certificate must, without undue delay, inform the chief officer of police by whom the certificate was granted of any change in his permanent address".

    It's as simple as that. When I moved house my first job was to install the cabinet and then after we had got straight I notified them of my new address. I got a phone call a few weeks later and the FEO came round and inspected my cabinets.

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    Not strictly true Charlie. You just need to keep the firearms secure but that is up to you and strictly speaking its not necessary to seek approval of your new security arrangements before moving.
    However to save upset and argument I would simply notify the issuing police force of my change of address by email and ask how they would like me to proceed. Obviously ask for a receipt of email notification.
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