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Thread: Heads up for a sealskin alternative

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    Heads up for a sealskin alternative

    Been given this kit to try by a good lad I know, I have used it and it seems spot on, a very good alternative to sealskin
    Jackal Outdoors Ltd - Country Equipment Cumbria

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    seems to be a good price,they look ok aswell,be handy for the lamp,as most gloves are too bulky,especially if you have small hands like me

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    Nice link, thanks.

    I like Sealskinz gloves, but I think their waterproof socks are the best thing since... I don't know...socks?

    These Dexshell socks are half the price, but they're also half as long, and logic suggests that any water that goes over the top is going inside, so I think I may stick to my Sealskinz there.
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    Just ordered a pair of the thermal gloves, so will see what there like.
    To be honest I hate gloves at anytime, and never for shooting, but wind cracked fingers and thumb are seriously
    stopping me doing things at the moment.
    How can a couple of splits be so painful, I had less agro from 4 inch incisions in both my elbows earlier this year. Lol


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    Any update on these gloves' durability? I'm interested to know if they're a valid alternative.

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    I have found them durable and can pull a trigger in them, slightly big size wise so need to make sure you get the right size.
    Hope this helps

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    Just thought I would post an update.
    Following the wettest winter on record with many hours spent in the field stalking, hunting,beating and with the terriers I can highly recommend these products
    give them a try if you are in the market

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    So far they have been fine, have kept my hands warm and dry, but I can't shoot it them.


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    To be honest I find the Sealskin gloves very very over rated.

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