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Thread: swarovski covers

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    swarovski covers

    well after about 3 months my flip up scope cap broke not at the hinge as expected. will Swarovski replace or am I wasting my time

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    well after about 3 months my flip up scope cap broke not at the hinge as expected. will Swarovski replace or am I wasting my time
    Yes, you are wasting your time asking the question on here!

    You should have called Swaro first.


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    I would try them,as they should be better than that...........and apparently Swaro customer care is second to none.

    let us know how you get on.......

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    They replaced mine when I broke it

    That was via bushwear

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    thanks will call them in the morning

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    The rubber 'O' ring went on mine. Asked them to send me a new one but they wouldn't! Had to send the whole item back to Swarovski who repaired it free of charge, but I was then without it for a few weeks. I'm not sure they are worth the 62 each that they charge for them really.

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    Excellent customer service and the HQ is 3 miles from my door
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    would agree with monkey spanker the o ring went on mine after a few days plus overpriced

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    In respect of customer service tell me what you think of this
    A year ago I bought the new z6i illuminated 2080.00 from Weldons nr Morpeth I had it 3 days when the red dot started to blur so I took it back 5 days later a new one arrives in store it was checked straight from the box by the gun smith Steve same problem it went back 6 days later a full repeat it was faulty now this is my 3rd scope 2 weeks passed I got a call from Austria tech dept as I had wrote to the head guy called Peter in west London, he said he would follow it up the tech guy admitted there was a issue and they are working on it so daft me asked have you suspended sales on this model NO I WAS TOLD and he hung up rather sharpish.
    Two more weeks went by and the 4th arrived tried it in store and it seemed fine, went out late on a stalk turned on the dot and hey presto it was all over the place its like a blur with very fine lines around it So it went back with a letter from Weldons asking for it to be fixed this Peter guy rang me the next said he was sorry and he would send out a new one with a ballistic turret for my problems.
    Now my 5th one turned up (YES 5TH SWARO Z6i) with the B/T on it fine I said lets try it !!! Right if you turn on the illuminated dot then turn it up full it blurs after a few seconds. I rang the head guy Peter again and asked what the hell is the problem he replied DONT TURN IT ON FULL POWER AND IT'S FINE that's your answer yes he replied. I met him this year at the game fair and told him what I thought of his customer service and he turned around and walked away...
    I now have a S/B with no probs at all. I also found out they knew about this issue for a while and still sold them they claim it was a faulty batch of 500 units
    I know of 6 lads in the North who have had the same issues and have all changed sights
    your thoughts please lads.

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    well I called them this morning, was told to send to Swarovski uk and they will forward to Austria to see was it an accidental break or a faulty cap

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