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Thread: Coyote calling and Priarie Dogs shooting USA

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    Coyote calling and Priarie Dogs shooting USA

    Happy to swap for days stalking or what ever you may offer.

    This is unique opertunaty to hunt Coyote (I am not guide) with me in USA.

    Also to try for some Priarie dogs and other "Varmints"

    I have been to USA Three times now and know my way around.
    You will have benifit of my knowlege of the country the laws and what you can shoot and where you can shoot.
    I have two rifles out in USA that I can borrow and also have my own Ford F150 pickup with Caravan that will sleep two with ease.

    The deal would be I get couple of days stalking or what you may have to offer.
    You get to hunt Coyote and Priarie dogs with me as your unpaid guide.

    You pay for flights and B&b for yourself and we go halfs with all other costs down the fees.

    I sort out your flights for you all the paperwork and pick you up at airport and drop you back off.

    Holiday of a lifetime.

    The only condition is We have to get on, you must have sense of humour and be happy to share costs for the trip.

    Pm me with your number for a chat. I live in UK

    thanks for looking

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    sounds like it could be a great trip

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    Just out of curiosity, where in the states?

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Just out of curiosity, where in the states?
    Going by the picture at the front page I think it might be Montana

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    Well spotted that man it was Montana.
    I have also been to Wyoming

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