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Thread: Roe head variation

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    Roe head variation

    Just clearing some room in garage freezer do decided to get some heads out of the way. It's not until you put them in a line like this that you realise the massive differance from one head to the next and how they differ from one county to the next.
    Left to right. Lincolnshire. Devon. Yorkshire.


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    Three completely different gene-pools showing diversity of type.
    Similarity occurs usually in areas where inbreeding of relatives can take place.

    About 45/50 years ago I culled Reds and Fallow in a large deer-park.
    Many Red stags had a bez/bey tine missing on one side, this being a hereditary genetic fault evident in many of the old mounted heads in the Castle.
    I shot those seen each year but it was hopeless task.


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