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Thread: Nosler for the British Shooting Show

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    Nosler for the British Shooting Show

    We have had repeated requests for Nosler product recently and Ian and I have made a concerted effort to ensure that we do what we can . WE have just placed a huge order that if the gods are with us will be on our shelves for the British Shooting Show. The good news is Highland Outdoors have taken over distributorship of Nosler. We have had the very great pleasure of working closely with John Bright for several years and his Marketing policies have always resulted in great service on good product at a value price for the consumer.
    This means that we are able to sell ballistic tip hunting bullets / 30 cal for example at a reduction of on average 7 a box cheaper than we were previously able to from the previous distibutor. Those savings will be passed on to our clients. . New bullets have been added . The Varmegeddon and the new Accubond Long Range and these will be on the shelf; as well as ballistic tips . Partitions , Accubonds and the new Match bullets.

    As always those buying 500 bullets or more will receive quantity discounts. The same as any bullet lines we offer . Yours Respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    What great news - Nice one! Would you be able to give indicative/ballpark pricing for 50/250/500 quantities of .30 BT hunting (150's for example) and some varmint .224 bullets please?

    I gave up buying Nosler BT's for my .308 when they hit 29 a box of 50! That and the fact that they were rarely in stock locally..


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    Good to know, what sort of price can you do on 1000 x Nosler 168gr 30cal Custom Competition?
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaedra View Post
    Good to know, what sort of price can you do on 1000 x Nosler 168gr 30cal Custom Competition?
    Price is 234.00 per 1000 . RRP but we are pricing at 220.00 . 30 cal 150 grain ballistic tips will be going for about 25.00 per 50. Previously they were selling at 34.00 per 50 . A major saving.
    If you have any enquiries please call the workshop as I am mad busy at the moment and it is by far and away quicker for Ian and I to answer your enquiries by phone . ATB Mike Norris

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    Hi Mike.
    That is excellent news indeed. Maybe the 'Stranglehold' the main Importers have should be reduced further.
    Are you likely to be Stocking Nosler Brass? They are often the only Manufacturer of Quality Brass for the less Mainstream Cartridges.
    I recently purchased some of their 25-06 from another source but had my Leg Lifted in the process.

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    They went up to 34 for 50?! Holy crap on a cracker, I thought they were pricey when I stopped buying them at 29 box..

    They're very good, in fact they gave me my best ever groups (so far at least), but I manage a close second best with sierra SP's and they're 20 per 100, so 30p a shot less. I know they're not the same, but it does let me shoot more for less money and I don't know if the deer/foxes notice a great difference!

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    Thanks Mike, while that's certainly better than MidwayUK's silly prices it's still a lot more than I currently pay for them.
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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    Price for 25.06 is going to be about 1- 1.10 a case. But and it is a big but.... the brass is top quality and is fully match prepped and weight sorted . So you get what you pay for. We will be stocking nosler brass, and we will endeavour to keep the pricing sensible. However you guys must realise that quality costs!!!! and we cannot afford to keep the stock levels that we do and make precisely nothing on products. Everything is paid for from profit .I am not ashamed to say that we make a modest and I do mean modest profit on the products we sell.
    we do not operate from home, from a garden shed or out of the boot of a car. Our business premises , power, business rates , tooling costs , staff wages are all paid for out of the modest profit that we make. WE don' t "lift peoples leg" . we just try to keep good stocks of everything that shooters use , and stay in business, ooh I nearly forgot I have the need to feed myself and pay my household bills once in a while as well. Yours respectfully Mike Norris

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    Can't argue with that - people seem to forget that a business needs to make money, and yes top quality always costs, though sometimes a manufacturer knocks out top quality at reasonable costs too..

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