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Thread: Minox Binos

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    Minox Binos

    Just had an email offer on a pair of Bino's just want to see if folks think they are descent enough for the money.
    It is for a pair of Minox BV 8x42 or 10X42 BR they come in real tree snow hunter,
    RRP 299
    Internet Price 199
    With special email discount code 149
    This offer is with opticswarehouse

    What's people's thoughts

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    Hi Karl

    Read this post from the other day.

    Seem good value to me.



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    Thanks Thar they do look like good value I did find them on ebay to for 277 so 149 sounds like a good deal.

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    minox binos

    I've had a pair of these for a few years now. Thoroughly recommend them.

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    dont suppose you could provide us with the code?

    Unless its one personal to you obviously

    Been looking to buy some of these for a couple of week now!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossy-dog
    dont suppose you could provide us with the code?

    Unless its one personal to you obviously

    Been looking to buy some of these for a couple of week now!

    I dont think its personal. The code is MINOXMADNESS.



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    found them and about to make the payment but just wondering about the snow cammo (thankyou very much for the tip and the code)

    will it be a bit out of place in the dull woods?

    would i be better off going for the plain green jobbies?


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    Just received my new 10x42 snowhunter minox binos, I put the order in on Sunday evening and they were dispatched yesterday and arrived today at lunch time not bad service to the North East of Scotland.
    The offer was for 149 but after postage it came to 153 still not bad I think and they do look like a good bit of kit but time will tell .
    I will hopefully get them tried out tomorrow.

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    Following the advice on earlier threads here, I ordered the Minox BV 8x42 BR from Foto Koester, Germany (on Amazon UK) last week for 108 incl p&p. They arrived on Monday complete with warranty etc and I am really pleased with them. Took them out for a couple of hours yesterday pm and they are as good in poor light as my 15-year-old (but vgc) Zeiss equivalents and much more comfortable and convenient to use. I have just checked Amazon and they are no longer available at that price there but Foto Koester still have them on their own site for around 140 Euros here:[sword]=Minox BV 8X42 BR

    I think they are really good binos at any sensible price but at anything under 150 or so they are definitely a bargain. Obviously worth watching Amazon as the price for these has ranged from just over 100 to over 200 recently, so timing is critical! Foto Koester seem very efficient and quick to deal with.

    Thanks to those here who recommended them so strongly!


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    Sportsmans are doing a special on Minox BR binos.

    I would by the HG ones myself but money is money at this time of the year

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