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Thread: Good Afternoon Everybody

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    Good Afternoon Everybody

    Good afternoon (depending on what time you are reading this) I am Tom, i am 26 and i have been shooting both rifles and shotguns from an early age. Unlike most right handed people i have a LEFT master eye so therefore taught my self to shoot off my left shoulder with both rifle and shotgun.

    Driven game shooting has been my passion for as long as i can remember and am very fortunate to be able to shoot on many days per season. I have favored a over and under 12 bore for many years and have recently acquired and side by side.

    I have used various rifles for fox/rabbit/deer control (and the occasional unlucky crow or rook sat in the middle of a field when my trigger finger starts itching) on my own and neighbors land but always with someone else's rifle and under supervision.

    In the last 4-5 years i have really got into deer stalking taking trips up to Scotland every year and have even been hunting in Africa.

    I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and moderators etc and this is one of the reasons i am here!!

    I am looking to get a .243 (maybe a wood stock Sako...) and i would very much appreciate ANY ADVICE ON SCOPES and moderators, with recommendations of different scopes, in different price ranges (above 200) and reasons why.

    I look forward to hearing any advice,

    Many thanks


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    Hi Tom, welcome along mate.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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