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Thread: Shepherd Scopes

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    Shepherd Scopes

    Anyone give any advice on these?
    I believe they are a decent daytime scope but am wondering how they are at last light and when foxing how do they cope on the lamp?



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    The ones I have used had very average glass!

    Great concept, that has since been adopted by all the major manufacturers - poor execution.

    Don't bother if you want to use it in low light IMHO. Thin reticle and low light transmission makes for a poor unit for such work.



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    and they had more than a few returns poor glass nice idea but would i pay money for one no thanks get a doctor 3x12x56 best low light scope i have ever looked at and trust me on this i have had some very very good glass to compare it two doctor can be purchased from the well known site for 400pounds worth every penney

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